Forrestfield-Airport Link will add three new stations to the suburban rail network – Belmont, Airport Central and Forrestfield.

These stations will be conveniently located, accessible and easy to use, with a range of amenities for commuters.

Progress has been made to get closer to final locations of the stations to optimise access and future developments. Belmont Station and Forrestfield Station are within planned suburban and business developments, and Airport Central Station is located in the new Perth Airport precinct.

Future consultation will be undertaken with the local community by the main Contractor constructing the stations over their appearance, layout and features.


It is anticipated that by 2021, there will be around 20,000 boardings added to the rail network by the Forrestfield Line each day. Analysis indicates that up to 2,100 people per hour will use the services from the three stations during peak.


The expected impact to land along the rail route is mainly limited to the rail stations because of the underground tunnelling solutions.

Airport Central Station is fully underground, so its footprint is limited to a relatively small area for ventilation purposes and passenger exits in an emergency. Passenger connections to terminals will be via walkways within the airport precinct.

Forrestfield Station and Belmont Station will require enough land to accommodate the station structures, bus transfer, car parks and associated facilities.


The number of new car parking spaces along the line