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While most of the current activity within the station box relates to tunnelling, major progress has been made at the tunnel entry and exit points at both ends of the station, where emergency staircases have been built up to mezzanine level. Located between the ground and platform levels, the mezzanine levels will be accessible only by staff and house mechanical facilities to assist with the operation of the tunnels.

The concrete slab for the eastern mezzanine level was poured in November, with installation of form work for the western slab ongoing.

Tunnel segments are still being lowered into the station box via crane, from where they are carted to the TBMs using multi-service vehicles. This set of work will be ongoing until the end of tunnelling in the first half of 2020.

At the site of the station’s 500-bay car park, located near Central Avenue and Second Street, steel frames for the motorcycle shelters have been installed and the concrete base is curing.

Following delays due to wet weather, priming and asphalting works for the car park itself are nearing completion, with line marking and landscaping works scheduled closer to the opening of the alignment.

To provide access into the car park, a roundabout will be built at the corner of Boulder Avenue and Second Street. Works on the roundabout are set to begin in January. These works will involve reclaiming sections of the nearby verge to allow for the width of the roundabout and footpaths, as well as installation of drainage and new street lighting.

Redcliffe Station

Redcliffe Station will be an underground station similar to Elizabeth Quay Station. The railway in this location will be fully underground, running inside the tunnel.

The station will benefit the community and surrounding catchment area by providing a bus/train interchange and car park with 500 bays, and allow for a 15-minute journey to the Perth CBD by rail. The station will also service future business and residential developments.

View a map of how we expect the area around Redcliffe Station to look post-construction.

To find out more, view the Redcliffe Station fact sheet.

Redcliffe Station - station design Redcliffe Station - outside station  Redcliffe Station - inside station

The project team is working closely with local government to ensure the new station compliments their vision for the future of the local area. For more information about local planning visit the City of Belmont's website

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