Rail Route

Different route options between Bayswater and Perth Airport were investigated to find the best way to accommodate existing road layouts and future upgrades, while minimising impact on landowners and traffic and keeping costs in check.

Ultimately, it was decided the most appropriate rail route would be through underground tunnels that would run from Bayswater Station on the Midland Line along Tonkin Highway and Brearley Avenue into the Perth Airport Estate and on to Forrestfield.

This route will travel through the Midland Line rail reserve, Tonkin Highway road reserve, Brearley Avenue road reserve, Perth Airport Estate and the Public Transport Authority rail reserve in Forrestfield. As the line will be located almost entirely underground, the impact on surrounding communities will be minimal, both during construction and once the line is operational.




The length of the new Forrestfield line. 


The depth of the tunnels as they run under the Swan River