Environmental Considerations

Environmental and heritage considerations are a key priority for the Forrestfield-Airport Link, and as such detailed planning has been conducted to ensure that areas of significant environmental value are identified, managed and reported on. As the line will be located almost entirely underground, the impact to the environment will be minimal, both during construction and once the line becomes operational. For example, other large-scale rail or infrastructure projects often require major clearing to take place before lines are constructed. Clearing for this project will be minor and limited to areas where the impact is least likely — for example in road reserves.

The project team recognises that the community will often have a connection to the local environment and may value areas that are registered as having particular significance. Environmental Management Plans will be prepared to ensure appropriate management measures and controls are implemented and monitored during construction.As planning continues, measures will be incorporated that reduce the impact to such areas.

To find out more about the project's environmental considerations, view the Environment and Heritage fact sheet

Enviromental approval

The Public Transport Authority referred the Forrestfield-Airport Link project to the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority under section 38 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 in November 2014. The information provided to the Environmental Protection Authority to support the referral is available using the links below. 


FAL EPA Referral Form
FAL Environmental Impact Assessment (25mb)
Desktop Aboriginal Heritage Review for the Proposed Airport Rail Link, May 2013
FAL Environmental Investigation, May 2014
FAL Noise Assessment Memo, May 2014
FAL Options to Avoid Areas of Environmental Value in Forrestfield, June 2014
FAL Phytophthora Dieback Occurrence Assessment, June 2014
Fauna Survey of the Proposed Forrestfield-Airport Link Swan River Crossing, June 2014
Level 1 Flora and Vegetation Survey of the Bayswater Foreshore Site, May 2014
Noise and Vibration Feasibility Assessment, May 2014 (30mb)
Perth Airport Rail Link - Preliminary Site Investigation, October 2013
Perth Airport Rail Link - Acid Sulfate Soil Sampling and Analysis Plan, April 2014
Perth Airport Rail Link - Sampling and Analysis Plan, February 2014


The Public Transport Authority referred the Forrestfield-Airport Link project to the Australian Government Department of the Environment under Part 7 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 in December 2014. The Department of the Environment has determined that the project does not require assessment and approval by the Australian Government. The information provided to the Department of the Environment to support the referral is available here.


Dewatering involves temporarily lowering the water table to allow soil to be excavated from a work site without it refilling with water. This process will be undertaken along sections of the Forrestfield-Airport Link to allow for the construction of underground structures, such as the station boxes and tunnel portals. 

To find out more about the dewatering process, view the Dewatering fact sheet


the number of cars potentially removed from the road each day thanks to the Forrestfield Line


The year that the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations were established, which the project will comply with